Risk workshops

Appleseed Engineering provides the facilitation services necessary to run successful risk workshops. Facilitated workshops are the recognised method of effective risk minimisation for the construction, operation and maintenance, and demolition of infrastructure. Different tools are utilized for the various design elements.

fireThe tools that Appleseed uses are:

CHAIR – Construction Hazard Assessment Implication Review

The CHAIR tool is optimised for ensuring that the design provides the optimum safety in the construction and demolition phases. This tool is recommended for plant modifications as well.

HAZOP – Hazard and Operability workshop

HAZOPs look at the single line diagrams and/or the Process and Instrumentation Diagrams, to establish that the main plant items are configured to ensure the plant can be operated and maintained with as little risk as possible. It also ensures the plant itself will have minimum risk of being damaged.

CHAZOP – Control Hazard and Operability workshop

CHAZOPs concentrate on the instrumentation and control systems. Focusing on the effect of a deviation/failure of any element, CHAZOPs ensure that appropriate back mechanisms are provided for the safest plant operation.

Over 50 risk workshops have been facilitated. The following is a list of some of the organisations involved:

ACTEW  – Sewage treatment plant

AGL  – Power station

Alinta  – Substations, overhead line, power station

ATCO  – Power stations

Aurizon  – Traction power supplies

Berrima Cement  – Cement kiln

Boggabri Coal  – Substation

CMJV/DoT  – Victorian traction substations

Contact Energy  – Power station

Delta Electricity  – Power station ancillaries

Diamantine Power Station  – Substation

Energy Australia  – Substations

Ergon Energy  – Substations

Hunter Water  – Substations

Powerlink  – Substations up to 275kV

Qenos  – Embedded Power station and Plant Integration

Sydney Water  – Sewage and water treatment plants

Transgrid  – Substations up to 500kV

UWI (now Veolia)  – Water treatment plant

Verve Energy  – Power Station (200MW gas turbine)

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